Love Billingskog Nyberg

Infra Lover. DevOps Engineer.

Passionate about continuous learning and development, my career journey has been driven by a fundamental insight: automating processes and optimizing developer experiences accelerates the achievement of business objectives – and it’s incredibly rewarding!

Specializing in DevOps within dynamic startup environments, I thrive where changes are swift and the journey from concept to execution is rapid. My focus is on building, configuring, and managing robust IT infrastructures and Continuous Integration systems, ensuring high delivery, availability, and performance standards consistently.

My professional ethos is fueled by an eagerness to embrace new technologies, a trait that permeates both my work and personal life.

Beyond the digital world, I find harmony living on a picturesque 15th-century farm located 3 hours north of Stockholm. Here, alongside my family, I tend to animals and care for historic buildings. Embracing remote work for over six years has gifted me an exceptional work-life balance. This lifestyle not only contributes to my overall wellbeing but also energizes my professional endeavors, allowing me to bring my best self to every project.

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