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New year and a lot of new content out during the holidays and to not mention, sysadvent did a great work during December. Here’s the posts I found most interesting last couple of weeks and why:

How fast are Unix domain sockets?

Always interesting to benchmark, but the most interesting questions comes in the end of the article.

Can Unix sockets be used to avoid Docker network overhead when forwarding ports from the host to a container?

This leads up to a followup post with more real world examples

Benchmarking IP and Unix domain sockets (for real)

Recommendations from the experiment is as we seen before

Avoid Docker forwarded ports in production environments. Use either Unix sockets or the hostnetwork mode in this case, as it will introduce virtually no overhead.

A tool tip; there’s always times where you want a notification while running scripts. ntfy will do that for you.

ntfy brings notification to your shell. It can automatically provide desktop notifications when long running commands finish or it can send push notifications to your phone when a specific command finishes.

Moving on from net-tools

It’s time to move away from net-tools. I for sure falls back a lot of times to ifconfig and netstat to solve my day to day work.

There will come a point where those scripts break; it seems that could even happen as a result of attempts to restart development on net-tools, rather than by explicit deprecation. This cheat sheet is likely to prove helpful for anybody wanting to make the transition to the new tools.

iproute2 cheat sheet

OpenPGP really works

It sure works, but even for me it’s hard to get into the habit of using it and get your colleagues to use it for communication. Could someone please make a good and easy mail implementation.

Image: By Charles A. Barry [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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