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New week and a lot of new content out there, sysadvent Christmas calendar started last week and is as always producing great thoughts and ideas. Here’s the posts I found most interesting this week and why:

It Was Never About Ops

To be able to keep up with this growth you’ll need to scale both your people and your products.

A good post on the ops cries topic. I do agree, it was never about ops, only how to build and scale services and systems. Which can only be done by working tougher!

How to write security alerts

Alerting and monitoring metrics/logs is always on my mind. I like to know what’s wrong and when before any users or service are really affected. Here’s a good post on security alert’s and how to set alert levels.

Docker in Production: A History of Failure

The following article narrates our journey with Docker, an adventure full of dangers and unexpected turns.

Been playing around with docker for like forever now and started using docker in prod for bloglovin in 2014, so yes been through a lot of these issues described in the next post.

Day 4 - Change Management: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Start writing down your plan before you execute a change that might impact your production environment. It doesn’t have to be fancy – use notepad, or vim, or a pad of paper, or whatever is easiest. Don’t worry about approval or anything.

It can never be said to often, Keep it simple.

Image: By Charles A. Barry [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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