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Mondays for me always starts with reading and discussing last weeks great blog posts. There are a bunch of great newsletters and most of them are sent weekly on Sundays, making Monday morning coffee time ☕️ a good time to catch up after a nice weekend.

Here’s the posts I found most interesting this week and why:

You Are Not Paid to Write Code

Engineers should understand that they are not defined by their tools but rather the problems they solve and ultimately the value they add. … New systems or more code should be the last resort, not the first step.

Seeing this daily where building or using a new system/code will make everything so much better, instead of improving and using the tools you already got and still needs to maintain.

How Etsy Uses Code “Slush” to Manage Development During the Holidays

How Etsy make sure to keep it’s service up and reliable during it’s most busses time. I think most bushiness are doing this, but the key take away here is to not just do a total “code freeze” but to make sure that things can get deployed and that engineer is charge of deciding if it should ship or not.

Syscall Auditing at Scale

1) How many unique outbound TCP connections have your servers made in the past hour? 2) Which processes and users initiated each of those connections?

I certainly can’t answer those two questions, but would like to at all times. Slack secops has created a tool to get data from auditd into it’s logging stack, check out go-audit.

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