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Starting out with docker a couple of years ago I started creating quite a few git repositories for each application type, there’s one for Nginx, one for Varnish etc. Which is great in the beginning but after time it get’s hard to maintain. Maintainability is always consider why to late in any project an as someone wrote on Twitter

A million line repo always starts with one line of code

When I started at Bloglovin we moved all build configuration regarding our docker builds into it’s own repository, combine with needed bin files and test script’s and you are on your way to an maintainable repository.

One thing I love about the DevOps Culture is knowledge sharing, and for my own dockerfiles repo I’ve borrowed both structure and test script from Jessie Frazelle awesome dockerfiles.

During this process I’ve moved almost all my docker specific repositories into dockerfiles and will remove those repositories from Github eventually. In the same step I’ve also made sure all images are available both via Docker Hub and CoreOS’s Docker Hub has been a pain for a long time both in availably and speed, moving over to Quay has so far been a smooth ride and has provided a far better docker pull speed.

Check out dockerfiles repository on Github

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