Docker Swarm

I’ve been mostly managed my container via SaltStack’s docker module but have looked at Docker Swarm quite a bit at least for my own easier projects where salt is a bit overkill (hey I know Salt can never be wrong but you always have to do some testing on the other side as well).

To get myself into running Swarm I know I had to also build something fun, after reading about Hypriot’s Raspberry Pi cluster I know I had to build my own, just for the fun of it!

There’s an excellent guide on Hypriot’s blog on how to get it running and a big thanks to the great folks at Hypriot for maintaining a ARM version of Docker.


Here’s a list of ingredient needed:

Here’s the work and end result

Let’s get going Parts

Attacting Pi’s to switch docker

Running cluster docker

I now have the cluster at home for any fun side projects, right now running my blog.

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