In about 2 weeks I’ll be speaking at SaltConf 15, Salt Lake City regarding how to use SaltStack to orchestrate micro services application containers.

Talk will cover our experiences at Bloglovin with orchestrate micro services Docker containers with SaltStack. We been iterate over our system since last summor in production, running and building containers both in-house and in cloud.

Talk abstract

More and more applications are being built or re-built with a micro-service architecture. Application containers are great working blocks to quickly and easily get a micro-service system up and running. Saltstack is then a perfect match to scale such a system. This talk will dive into how Saltstack can be used to scale a micro-service system like Docker.

Planning on publishing a blog post on the same content after the conference. So if your heading to SaltConf come look at my breakout session or catch me during the conference if you want to talk about containers, salt and orchestration.

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