New year and a lot of new content out during the holidays and to not mention, sysadvent did a great work during December. Here’s the posts I found most interesting last couple of weeks and why:

New week and a lot of new content out there, sysadvent Christmas calendar started last week and is as always producing great thoughts and ideas. Here’s the posts I found most interesting this week and why:

Mondays for me always starts with reading and discussing last weeks great blog posts. There are a bunch of great newsletters and most of them are sent weekly on Sundays, making Monday morning coffee time ☕️ a good time to catch up after a nice weekend.

This is the first of series of short’s posts to get myself into habit of blogging again. They will consist of something I taught-of or learned lately.

Starting out with docker a couple of years ago I started creating quite a few git repositories for each application type, there’s one for Nginx, one for Varnish etc. Which is great in the beginning but after time it get’s hard to maintain. Maintainability is always consider why to late...